Dog walking, pet accomodation and care

We look after your pets and we walk them. Proffesionally and with love.

We are going to take your dogs for a walk. We are going to look after your cats. When you have to leave your home, we will comb your pets fur and clean their teeth. All is done according to contract and under the supervision of veterinary doctors.

We are here so we can help you and your pets

  • You are going on a vacation
    Are you going on a vacation and you don’t know what to do with your pet? Do you need pet sitting in and around Prague?
  • Administration of medication
    Has your dog got sick and you don’t have time to give them their medicine? Are you looking for someone to take care of your sick animals?
  • Careful dog walking
    Do you only have enough time for a short walk, and does your dog deserve more than that? Or do you just not feel like going for a walk in the morning?
  • More activities
    Does your dog sleep through the whole day, but you know that there is a better way for them to spend their time?
  • Cat sitting
    Do you need to look after, feed and check on a kitten?
  • Small pets
    Will you be away for a while and don’t want to leave your parrots, guinea pigs or bunnies alone?
  • Socialisation of puppies
    Do you have a new puppy? Until they reach 17 weeks of age, they are going trough a socialisation period. They need a lot of contact with other puppies during this time in their life. That is why we provide socialisation dog sitting in their home or all around Prague.

Price list of pet sitting – Prague and surroundings

V domácnosti PremiumVet

In the household PremiumVet

575 – 975 CZK per day including night.

It also depends on the nature of the animal. Otherwise, a middle-aged dog is looked after, and small puppies in the socialization period or old and sick dogs are looked after. We mainly take into account the needs of the dog and its care, for example a sick or difficult-to-manage dog has an additional fee of 20%

U vás doma

At your home

Dog sitting 675 – 1 190 CZK including overnight stay at your home.

Cat sitting at the client’s home 270 CZK – includes changing water and replenishing feed, cleaning the toilet, playing with the cat for half an hour, a short message with a photo to the client’s mobile phone or e-mail. The price is the same regardless of the number of cats in the household.

Pet sitting for small animals (with us)

Rabbit, guinea pig, parrot or other small animals 260 CZK per day.

Pet sitting small pets (at your home)

Rabbit, guinea pig, parrot and other animals 225 CZK per day with a trip to your home.

Another services

Combing 50 CZK, teeth cleaning 50 CZK, special care 50 CZK (administration of medicines, injections and other individual services).

Venčení pejsků v Praze a okolí

Dog walking in Prague and around

Dog walks:
– 20 minutes 180 CZK
– 40 minutes 230 CZK
– 60 minutes 280 CZK

Running with dogs in and around Prague
30 minutes 300 CZK


Expertise and human approach

Good day,
I would like to thank Dr. Koudelková and the whole team for their professionalism and human approach. We have 2 kittens and 3 kittens. I have been using their services for about six years and I would never change them.

— M.Ziaťková, Praha 4 Chodov


Great staff, high quality service.

Even if the cat cannot be treated at all, it is always possible here. Thank you so much for your work

— Lilia Schmidt


Removing stitches

Today I was with a cat to take out stitches after a procedure that was performed at another veterinary clinic.Nevertheless, I met with a warm and willing welcome. Professional approach. Pleasant environment. I highly recommend to everyone. Unbeatable. This is how it should work.

— Ladislav Labuda


Professional doctors

There are very professional doctors, they pay maximum attention to my dogs. It's not just about the treatment, but also about the approach, caresses, cookies, etc .... thank you.

— Šárka Košova


I recommend

With the calmest conscience I have ever had, I recommend this clinic. Even though my four-legged partner lost her fight against the disease yesterday, Dr. Koudelková and her colleague (unfortunately I do not remember the name - nice pleasant long hair speaking Slovak) tried to find a way to save lives until the last moment. It was no problem for the doctor to respond to my calls and pleading SMS asking for help during the treatment, even during my personal time off. Thank you for the moment my finger clicked on this vet's website. And thank you again to the above for your dedication and feeling.

— Gubertová Daniela Praha 5


Professional approach

Even at the end of her working hours, Dr. Eva Třešňáková behaves like a professional after many examinations, her approach is human and, in my opinion, correct. Thank you for your help and for saving our dog.

— Robert Lízler a Kateřina Lízlerová


I can evaluate the clinic as a collaborator and I must say that their interest in learning in the field, following current treatment methods and working with the best doctors and equipment is admirable. They are constantly improving their work system to provide clients with the best possible service.Everyone at the clinic is amazingly nice and it can be seen that they love their work and animals from the bottom of their hearts.

— Renata Novotná


Thank you very much

Too bad I can't give more stars. The doctor is an amazing expert who can do miracles.Today, with great dedication, she devoted herself to our deposit kitten, which she literally brought back to life, and the injection of the cannula "for the first good" in the dehydrated 200-gram kitten deserves admiration. With a clear conscience and I am very happy to recommend the doctor. He deserves admiration and a huge thank you.

— Maja Stehlíková


Here I and all our animals met with fast, reliable and pleasant help in any situation. Always willing, kind and human! Thank you for saving a few lives!

— Anna B


Professionalism and ethical behavior

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and a colleague who visited us yesterday in Zelenec! I appreciate his professionalism and ethical behavior. Please thank him. I'm glad you exist!

— Reslerová, Zeleneč


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