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Get quality care for your pet in the comfort of your own home

Treating animals in their own environment is more natural and pleasant for them and their owners.

If you are from Prague or Central Bohemia, use the services of an experienced veterinarian at home, for a price you can afford. We love animals, we understand their needs, we rely on quality, we save time and worries. Call us.

Small proceduresin your apartment

Small procedures
in your apartment

piktogram teplomer

We will take everything with us – equipment and medicine

More complicated situationsat the clinic in Prague

More complicated situations
at the clinic in Prague


Providing high – quality medical care for your pets in the convenience and comfort of their home

  • No fear of driving
    Is your pet nervous while driving a car or public transport, vomiting while driving?
  • More peace of mind
    Is the surgery stressing him or is he seriously ill to be transported?
  • You save time
    Are you busy or just don’t want to waste time waiting in the office?
  • Higher comfort
    Don’t want to pull heavy crates, soothe scared dogs, aren’t you completely mobile?

Prague and Central Bohemia

We go to the usual treatments by car! We therefore also function as a mobile veterinary animal rescue at the same time. We will ensure immediate intervention or quick transport to the clinic in case of an urgent condition.

Vaccination of puppies and kittens, chipping, passports, childbirth and postpartum care, compassionate euthanasia at home for animals that are afraid of veterinary clinic and much more.


+420 725 297 641

Price list for treatment at home

Vaccination of a dog (infectious diseases + rabies)418 CZK - 860 CZK according to the manufacturer
Vaccination only against rabies299 CZK
Cat vaccination (infectious diseases + rabies)418 CZK - 860 CZK according to the manufacturer
Cat vaccination Purevax RCPCH extended vaccine (also against Chlamydophila felis)860 CZK

These prices do not include VAT.

The travel fee by car

We are starting from Prague 3 Žižkov or Nové Jirny. However there is no cost if you want to come to veterinary clinic in Nové Jirny.

At Prague
– < 10 km – 209 CZK
– < 17 km – 309 CZK
– < 25 km – 399 CZK

In the vicinity of Prague to the east (Klánovice, Úvaly, Újezd nad Lesy, Horoušánky, Nehvizdy, etc.) only CZK 120.

These prices do not include VAT.

Price of departure in standard mode

The cost of an ambulance ride in non-emergency mode is calculated at 15 CZK per kilometer traveled, plus the cost of medical care and treatment provided. We will book an appointment with you and let you know when will the doctor come.

The price of the departure when urgent state

The cost of an animal rescue trip in emergency mode is 35 CZK per kilometer, plus a 1,000 CZK fee for the emergency exit. Additionally, a 21% Value-Added Tax (VAT) will be applied to the total price. We will try to find the soonest possible time for us to visit.

Our homevet doctors

MVDr. Marta Kvasňovská Koudelková

MVDr. Marta Kvasňovská Koudelková


Owner of PremiumVet, focusing on internal medicine and cytology

MVDr. Marta Kvasňovská Koudelková

Veterinary doctor with 7 years of medical care practise with dogs and cats. She specialies onto nutritional feeding and making food diet forms for each individual dog or cat. She can almost always be seen with her two favorite little dogs – shiba inu and sharpei.

MVDr. Zuzana Richterová

MVDr. Zuzana Richterová


focus on dermatology

MVDr. Zuzana Richterová

After finishing VFU Brno in 2011 she started to work with small animals. She’s focused not only in internal medicine but also in dermatology. She took dermatology workshops in Vienna for two weeks in 2012 and 2013. She thinks that important part of curing animals is also communication with the owners. In her free time she loves to do sports, go hiking and sing.

Examination in an ambulance and at your home

Remote Vet Consultations: Examining Your Pet from Afar

For minor issues or pet care questions, you can also use our video tutorials via Skype or WhatsApp. One of our experts will examine your pet remotely and provide personalized guidance on what to do or how to help them.

If needed, we’ll deliver medications to your doorstep or prepare them at one of our branches in Prague 3 Žižkov or Jirny for you to collect.

Remote sensing

What we can do at your home

  • emptying and treatment of anal glands
  • blood sampling, biochemical and hematological analyzes preoperative, preventive and in the diagnosis of diseases
  • controls and breeding advice, care for the elderly animal, import of clinical diets to order
  • determination of appropriate mating time and assistance in childbirth
  • therapy and prevention of diseases in small animals, especially dogs and cats
  • taking blood for testing rabies antibodies
  • compassionate euthanasia
  • vaccination, chipping and registration of animals
  • deworming, antiparasitic program or urinalysis
  • postoperative care
  • cytological examination by fine-needle biopsy
  • issuing Europass and health certificates
  • claw trimming
  • FeLV, FIV and FIP test (viruses causing infectious feline diseases – leukemia, immunodeficiency and infectious peritonitis)
  • other interventions and treatments by arrangement

Other examination which has to be done on the clinic

  • orthopedic X-rays and sedation X-rays
  • extensive mastectomies and other operations requiring electrocautery to work
  • stem cell applications and orthopedic procedures
  • soft palate surgery in brachiocephalics
  • conditions requiring hospitalization and non-stop monitoring
  • perianal hernia, thoracic and abdominal surgery
  • surgery under inhalation anesthesia or eye surgery
  • urgent conditions – bleeding and acute bleeding, acute dyspnea, coma, etc.

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